High School Memories
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Left to Right: Sara Yaple, Linda Lindley, Carole Fray, Nancy Fischinger, Lindy Merrill, Carole Stone, Cindy Tappana, Susan Olbrich and Judy Rowe.
Charleen Willis, Donna Eyestone, Bonnie Benway and Sue McLeod in 1956 -Central High School
Falls Creek Baptist Church Camp in 1957
Sue McLeod, Marletta Cruzan, Nancy Fishinger, Nick Jeffries and Larry List. (Taken just before Vespers)
Sue McLeod, Nancy Fishinger, Marletta Cruzan, Maryce Fleming and Barbara Rolls
at Falls Creek.
After Tennis - Peggy Perry, Patsy Tibbitts and Linda Lindley - 1958
Sara Yaple, Maryce Fleming, Lindy Merrill, and Susan Olbrich with Jean McNally front, center and blindfolded! 1959
Patsy Tibbetts, Peggy Perry and Linda Lindley
Susan Olbrich and Linda Lindley (?)
Cindy Tappana
Linda Lindley, Nancy Fishinger, Peggy Perry and Patricia Tibbets
--Nancy Fishinger
1959 Tri-D Christmas Dance
Thumbs up, L to R - Larry White, Jimmy Cox, Gary Hale, Frank McKinney, Bobby Grooms.
Others L to R - Vickie Whitehorn, Jim Chase, Larry Stockard, Kay Quiett, Patt Lynn
Jim Walker, Sarah Yaple and Larry White
Les Des Dance, 1959
Diann Ringo, Maryce Fleming, Stanley Jones, Claude Trotter, Ralph Rucker, Patsy Tibbetts.
Latin Club Float 1959
First Row: -Linda McReynolds, Bob Cook, Judy Darnold, Rex Wooldridge, Judy Orand, Gary Hale
Second Row: -?- Mike Pulsifer, Marion Craighead, Marilyn Ross, -?-, Treva Van Tine.
More Great Times
Sara Yaple's Birthday party

Judy Lawver, Maryce Fleming, Cindy Tappana, Sara Yaple and Don Cruzan

Slumber Party
Maryce Fleming and Rosemary Reddy
Class Play - Feb 1960
RKG Swimming Party
Top Row: Carroll Ann Bennett, Pat Selim, Sue McLeod, Jeanette Johnston, Dona Beesley, Kaye Meyer, Linda Cowan, Sylvia Soden, Patty Nealon, Sherry Allen.

Middle Row: Karen Parsons, Sally Frank, Susan McCune,Nancy Cubbage, Sara Lunsford

Bottom Row: Joyce Johnson, Helen Bretz, Cathy Cowden, Sylvia Soden, Janie Lutton, Vicki Suderman

Vicki Suderman and
Ann Chaney
Mike Reese, Mary Brownlow Joe Kasparek and Pam Heritage
Pam Heritage and Mary Brownlow at McKinley
Joyce Johnson and Roslyn Findlay