Breakfast in Bartlesville
At 9:00 AM on the second Saturday morning of each month, Bartlesville and Tulsa area alums gather for a mini reunion and Breakfast at the Second Street Baker on west Frank Phillips Boulevard. This event was started precariously in the early part of 2002 at the suggestion of Steve Coad, and has become something to which many of us look forward. Steve died in September of 2002, but his wish that we meet often and get to know each other better is being fulfilled each time we meet. Every week new or different faces show up!

If one of you Out-Of-Towners find yourself in or near Bartlesville on the 2nd Saturday morning, come on by and we will pull out a chair for you and catch up to date. In fact, it isn't entirely unknown for us to meet for a second brunch, lunch or dinner given the slightest excuse, so call or email and let us know when you are coming!

Dona Eyestone Smith
Virginia Sue Alburty Kidwell visited from Broken Arrow
Marilyn Fisher Ross and Marletta Cruzan Walker
John Morgan
Carol and Riley Croffut
Kenneth and Chris Gulley
Wally & Linda Farris
Other Breakfasts...
Dennis Eccleston came from Arkansas!

We sure enjoyed your visit, Dennis!

Anne and James Legg, (Wyoming!)
and Riley Croffut

Gary Hale, Esquire, came all the way from Littleton, Colorado!!! Way cool!

(Isn't he taller than you remembered?)

Armida went
Steve Kilmer (Santa's Brother)
visited us in August,'04
Bill Parton drove all the way up from Texas to join us for Breakfast in April, '04

And Marletta and All the rest of us really enjoyed seeing him!!!

Patt Lynn Woods often came to Breakfasts. We miss you, Patt!
And Rosie Axsom shows up when she is in the mood....
Judy Fought was a newcomer and John Morgan was busy making her feel WELCOME!!
Linda Kazmierzak came all the way from Owasso! Cool!!
Great Breakfast with good attendance at the Hotel Phillips. Two Classmates, Ella Sue Tate and her husband Tom Kendall visited from Montana and brought out some new faces. Several regulars couldn't make it but promised we will see them next time.
The Golden Corral hardly ever held tables for us so one had to ask for the "Class Reunion Breakfast". Better yet, ask where they put the "really loud group" and they will bring you straight to us! A lot of laughter and cutting up goes on at these things.
September 13, 2003
Peggy Rhamy Richardson, Armida Villareal, Rosie Axsom French, Sandy Shattuck Lee, Patt Lynn Woods, Marletta Cruzan Walker, Martha Talmage

Just the girls! Yes, there were guys, too!

Jim Neal really seemed to be loving those hugs!
October 8, 2003
Never miss an opportunity to get together! Nick Jones came to Tulsa to visit Dean & Carol and several of us gathered to say hello to him after all these years! Carol provided an incredible meal for us all, and the conversation was wonderful! Let's do THIS once a month!
Bob and Jan Lawson
Max and Peggy (Rhamy) Richardson
Gary and Cynda Grover
Dean and Carol Mandlebaum
Nick Jones
Martha Talmage and date.
Danny and Patt (Lynn) Woods